A Dashboard For Homeschoolers

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This Notion template, A Dashboard For Homeschoolers, will contextualize the curriculum you are following by helping to track where you are with each student. It will not replace the curriculum you are following.

A Dashboard For Homeschoolers will -

  • Give you a place to shelf teacher notes and student lesson and grade reflections and offer a clear path to reference them

A Dashboard For Homeschoolers comes with -

  • Teacher dashboards for planning
  • Student dashboards for engaging in the learning process
  • A database for all grades
  • A database for grade reflections
  • A database for all lessons
  • Lesson templates that include an area for checklists, teacher notes and lesson reflections
  • Detailed instructions for how to schedule lessons with flexibility
  • A template to easily generate report cards and a place to archive them

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Disclaimer: Notion recently put out a massive update to the way databases work. The video tour video embedded in the template may look a bit different than what's on the template but the template still works the same. I will be updating the video soon. Thanks for your patience.

This product is not currently for sale.

Complete with a video tour and written instructions baked in throughout the template.

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A Dashboard For Homeschoolers

0 ratings