Herb Club Dashboard

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Herb Club Dashboard

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Herb Club is a Notion template.

Herb Club Dashboard will -

  • Help you manage your herb dispensary. Over time, you will gain rich insight into your herb collection and medicine making practice.
  • Help you easily differentiate between herbs you forage and herbs you buy in a personally curated library
  • Help you manage your inventory and trace your materials from raw ingredients to finished product
  • Give you a place to shelf your wisdom and a clear path to reference it through an observation journal and resource library

Herb Club Dashboard comes with -

  • A database to organize the herbs your forage and the herbs you buy
  • Databases to track your inventory from raw materials, types of products and each new product
  • A 2022 journal
  • A database to record relevant resources

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Disclaimer: Notion recently put out a massive update to the way databases work. The video tour video embedded in the template may look a bit different than what's on the template but the template still works the same. I will be updating the video soon. Thanks for your patience.

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Complete with a video tour and written instructions baked in throughout the template.

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