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The Excursion Cooking Dashboard is a Notion template that will help you plan and execute many successful meals, in faraway places.

Excursion Cooking Dashboard will -

  • Break down the workload of hiring and onboarding a cook for excursions (i.e. tree planting camps, guided hiking or snowboarding trips, trim shows, etc.) into three phases: Review, Plan and Execute
  • Give you a place to record company wide information like a vision, health and safety information and job description
  • Be a reference tool when negotiating with new cooks or reflecting on past trips

Excursion Cooking Dashboard comes with -

  • An area to record company wide information: company vision and health and safety requirements/constraints, trip information, guest and coworkers numbers/diet restrictions
  • An area to record kitchen specific information: job description, available cooking equipment, food staples and resources like recipes and service providers
  • An area to store contracts and good interview questions
  • A template to easily generate consistent Cooking Assignment pages - these are meant to be generated for each trip to relay the trip specific information to the cook
  • Instructions for how to fill out the Cooking Assignment page, share the Cooking Assignment page and archive the Cooking Assignment page

Disclaimer 1: Notion does not work well offline. If your camp does not have reliable wifi, make sure to give your cook access to the page with plenty of time prior to arriving on shift.

Disclaimer 2: Notion recently put out a massive update to the way databases work. The video tour video embedded in the template may look a bit different than what's on the template but the template still works the same. I will be updating the video soon. Thanks for your patience.

  • Complete with a video tour and written instructions baked in throughout the template.

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  • Complete with a video tour and written instructions baked in throughout the template.
  • Size92.1 KB
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Excursion Cooking Dashboard

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